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Does your online profile photo look like this?


High Quality Digital Photos and Video 

for your website, personal ad, online profile, or personal use



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First Impressions Count…

  • Studies show that a first impression can make or break your chances at dating and success.
  • With online personals, your photo is the first thing people will look at and will determine whether they will even read your ad.
  • Many people won't even look at online profiles without a photo. Many member directories and online dating services offer a search option to pass right on by profiles without photos.
  • You can make a great impression with high quality photos of you on your web pages too.
  • That fuzzy webcam photo or low quality scan you're using now just won't make the impression you want.


Whether you need a high quality digital photo for an online personal ad, your online profile, your web page, or for personal use…


Make an impression that counts ! ! !


Personalized "Porn"

  • Are you looking for something risque and erotic for your adult profile?
  • Do you want erotic or boudoir type photos for personal use?
  • Would you like to commemorate and memorialize your relationship or your youthful good looks?
  • Do you want to shoot a personal "porn" video with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or someone you just met?
  • Is there a fantasy you'd like to live out in an adult video and you need someone experienced to shoot the video for you?


Judgement free ! ! !

Matrixwerx offers relatively low rates for quality digital photography.  Whether you want something basic for your online ad or website, or something risque and erotic for your adult profile or for personal use, I have the solution for you. I also do video. I'm very open minded and professional. Your confidentiality and privacy are guaranteed. I'm usually available for hire evenings and weekends. Scheduling and availability may vary.


Quick fix 1 to 6 basic photos of you. Returned to you by e-mail. $20
Standard 1-50 photos or 1 hour, whichever comes first. Placed on CD. Returned by mail or you can pick up. Try out several different styles and poses so you'll have many to choose from. $35
Erotic Photos Same service as Quick fix and Standard photos only erotic.
I'm very open minded so don't hesitate to ask.
Quick fix: $40
Standard: $50
Personalized Porn Video Video by the hour.  I bring  the lights and camera to your bedroom or hotel room and you bring the action.  Minimum payment for one hour required, after that you are charged in 15 minute increments ($25 for every 15 minutes thereafter).

$100 per hour


Photo and Video Editing Photos are typically high resolution JPG's and video is high resolution AVI.  If you would like your photos or video from any of our services converted to other popular formats or if you need any additional editing, I can do some basic conversion and editing for you. Photo Conversion / Editing: $20
Video Conversion / Editing:
Other Rates If you have other digital photography needs that don't fit our basic rates, please ask. We'll match or beat the rates of other photographers, if we can provide comparable services. Ask
Travel Rates You come to my home studio
Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake
Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News
Williamsburg, Suffolk, Smithfield
Outside these areas
Add $10
Add $15
Add $20


E-mail us your photo request.

 * I am very open minded, but I will only do photo and video shoots involving consenting adults. 
I will not do any erotic shoots involving minors, animals, or anything illegal.
I also will not do any shoots involving blood or cutting of any kind, not because I judge, but because it blood freaks me out.