If you are a photographer or other business that hires male models, actors, or entertainers, place your casting call on this website.  Your listing will rotate with other casting calls in a box on the right side of this website.

General Guidelines:

  • Casting calls should be exclusively or predominantly for male models, actors, or entertainers. 
  • Come up with a descriptive heading.
  • Your listing should be less than 100 words. We are only offering text casting calls at the moment.
  • We will not accept listings casting for minors.
  • You are welcome to advertise for adult modeling, acting, and entertaining gigs, but you should not go into explicit detail.  All listings should be safe for work.
  • Be sure to include contact information in your listing.  This can include a phone number, e-mail, or website.
  • We reserve the right to deny any casting call for any reason.

Casting calls are $5 a month recurring through PayPal. 

You can cancel your Casting Call at any time directly through PayPal.

Pay here, and then submit the text of your Casting Call through the "Contact Us" option at the bottom of the website.




This directory is for male models and photographers in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area.  This includes Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Suffolk, and surrounding areas. 

Male models can include actors and entertainers, though the main focus is on those men willing to model for photography sessions.  All models listed on this site should be 18 or older. We will list Trans models who identify and portray themselves as male, but that should be listed in your profile so that photographers can make an informed judgment when casting. In general, our focus is on male models. However, male models can list and link female models they like to work with in their profile bio.

Photographers are any male or female photographers or employers who exclusively or predominantly hire male models for their shoots or other gigs.

Why I’ve created this directory on my site:

I’m not really interested in becoming a modeling agency, so I’m only offering listings and not placements.  Users are free to contact models or photographers using the contact information provided without going through an agent or middle-man.

Hampton Roads seems like it would be a great place for male models and photographers to thrive.  We have a large military presence and a number of universities in the area with lots of young, fit, athletic men who would seem to embody the epitome of male models.  There are a number of modeling schools in the area too.  And there’s a thriving LGBT community who could form a market for male imagery. What there doesn’t seem to be, or at least I haven’t found, is an infrastructure to support male modeling or the photographers and employers who cast male models, especially those at the hobby or entry level.  There are some online model sites like Model Mayhem and One Model Place though their listings are often outdated, and Craigslist ads frequently hit the bottom of the barrel for both models and photographers. I’ve found a few phone apps, but they’re usually not for this area.

Modeling, photography, fashion, and even adult entertainment casting tends to be female oriented so I wanted to create a space for male models and the photographers who cast them.  A lot of larger photography and modeling businesses have their own infrastructure for hiring models.  Some folks do go through modeling agencies, though this incurs additional costs that small photographers may not be able to pay. As a small-time photographer myself, I’ve noticed it increasingly difficult to cast models in recent years. Models on model sites are unresponsive and the ones that do respond have proven unreliable even for paid shoots.  I think legitimate photographers and even sincere photographer hobbyists have gotten a bad rap because there are bad seeds out there scamming and preying on folks. I hope these listings can reinforce that there are quality models and photographers out there, even those at a hobbyist or entry level.

Some folks might ask “Why are you supporting the competition by listing other photographers?”   Well… I’m actually looking at other photographers as collaborators to help create a male modeling / photography community rather than as competitors.  I think this is a win-win situation for all involved.  Photography isn’t my full-time job and I can only cast a handful of models each month based on both my available time and budget.  The same is true for other photographers.  Having other photographers listed can provide work for the models when I don’t have work available myself.  It also provides the opportunity to refer good models to other photographers or to warn against the unreliable ones.  Models have the same opportunity to share their experiences with good or bad photographers. Ideally too, I’d like to see more opportunities to network and share tips with both models and other photographers.

What I’m offering in the Directory Listings:

Currently all directory listings are free. 

I’m keeping things very simple and basic, at least for now. Directory listings will be static, meaning that it is a listing and not a profile that can be changed at will (at least for now), though I will be responsive to making updates and changes to your listings should you request it.

Please keep all listings and photos PG-13.  We welcome listings for adult-work oriented models and photographers.  However we want to keep this site safe for all to view.  If any of your listings link to nudity or adult material, please state (NSFW) when you submit them.

Model Listings – Models can include a brief bio, one cover photo and up to three additional photos, information on the types of jobs you’re interested in, and your contact information.  Models can provide links to their online portfolios, model profiles on other sites, or their social media links. Additionally, models can specify other talent they have including acting, singing, or entertaining.

Photographer Listings – Photographers can include a brief bio and a business card to go with their listing.  They can also list the types of jobs they typically cast for, and include their contact information. Photographers can provide links to their online portfolios, photographer profiles on other sites, and their social media links.

Photographers can place casting calls on this site, though there is a small fee for this.

We will remove models or photographers who receive numerous complaints.  We realize that sometimes folks just don’t work well together or sometimes folks just have bad days, so we won’t remove folks for simply receiving a complaint or two.  However, if someone develops a long history of complaints, we know something’s not right.  We reserve the right to keep and share blacklists with other photographers and models.  Reasonable complaints include no shows, flaking, fraud, scams, sexual harassment, assault, and so forth.

We will also periodically work to verify that listings are still active. Unlike a number of modeling sites, we don’t want to keep outdated listings just to make it look like there are more people using this site.  This is just a waste of good people’s time. If a model or photographer has moved on (or if we have good reason to believe they have moved on), their listing will be removed.